Safety certified

As a consumer using an inflatable for any event from backyard birthdays to school carnivals or company picnics and practically any event you deserve the right to find qualified and dedicated operators who are safety conscious with a strong commitment to bring you a safe enjoyable experience.  SIOTO is dedicated to industry standard training and the rental operators displaying these seals have proven their commitment by accepting these standards as their way of safe operations in the inflatable party rental industry.

SIOTO is very unique and differs from many other organizations in that we do not simply ask our members to operate safely, we actually train them in safe operating procedures through a series of safety courses.  Don’t settle for less, settle for the best that your operator can offer.  Choose a SIOTO certified operator and you’ll be choosing a professional.

Advanced Inflatable Safety Operations Certification, the final certification for operators requires the same high standards of testing in order to display this seal for those offering everything the BISOC  offers along with inflatables that create interaction between participants, obstacle courses, larger slides, inflatable carnival games and more.  These units include jousts, bungee runs, boxing, and other units requiring person to person contact or interaction.  The most difficult of units to operate, and the hardest level to achieve sets these advanced members at the top of our industry.  Verify certification right here.