Please call 972-999-7767 for delivery pricing. We can accommodate large events outside our normal delivery zones. Because of the distance from Rockwall, some delivery areas listed on the website are only serviced for large events. Please CONTACT US for more information.

Delivery Times: Backyard parties are delivered within a 3 hour delivery window generally between 8am and 1pm. Drivers are scheduled to arrive no later than one hour before your event start time. Park, School, Church, and Corporate delivery sites are generally delivered during the hour before your event. We strive to ALWAYS have equipment rentals set up 30 minutes before the start of an event. Our Drivers have several locations on their delivery route, it’s extremely important that the contact person responsible for the event to be on time to meet the driver for safety and set up instructions. One late customer can create problems and stress for everyone else.

Set up: Our Drivers do all the heavy lifting; you just show us where to set up. It is the customer’s responsibility to measure in advance and ensure there is adequate space and provide a flat clean area for set up clear of sharp objects and debris. If the Driver is unable to set up for reasons above or if unsafe conditions exist, the Customer will be charged a $50 fee.

It’s important that we know in advance if you plan to set up on grass or concrete. Inflatables can ONLY be operated safely if they are secured and anchored properly. We bring stakes or sandbags depending on where the unit will be set up. If you make changes, please let us know (especially from grass to cement) to ensure our Drivers will have the proper equipment. Last minute changes could result in MAJOR set up delays.

Bounce ‘N’ More, LLC is not liable for any damage done to your sprinkler system or water lines, you will be responsible for letting our Drivers know where it is to avoid any damage. If a sprinkler/water line is damaged, turn off the water immediately.

ATTENTION: Drivers can NOT go up and down stairs and/or hills, etc. Set up location must be easily accessible from the delivery truck.

Pick Up Times: Backyard parties are generally picked up within 4 hours of your event end time. During your Confirmation Call you will be given your 4 hour pick up window. Pickup can be as EARLY as your event end time. If the Driver shows up to pick up the equipment and there is no one at the site or the gates are locked, you will be subject to an additional pickup fee. Schools, Churches, Corporate, and Park delivery site locations are generally picked up within 30 minutes of the event end time.

Late Pickup: Any pickup time scheduled later than 8pm is considered a late pickup and is subject to an additional fee for each delivery truck going to the setup location.