V4 Ultimate Bungee

The V4 Ultimate Bungee jump is the next level of bungee trampoline systems!

Strap in and start doing front or back flips, and even bouncing as high as 20 feet in the air if you choose. Up to 4 participants are strapped into safety harnesses with bungee cords attached to each side of the harness, then raised into the air as they bounce higher and higher. You are able to bounce and flip at will while being safely secured in the safety harness.

This system uses a special hydraulic device that automatically pulls the bungee cords higher with each jump. This creates a more fun and exciting experience for the riders when compared to a traditional bungee trampoline system. When the jumper is ready to come down the operator simply flips a switch to lower them.

Take your event to the next level with the V4 Ulitmate Bungee Jump!

We always provide four staff attendants to operate the V4 Bungee to provide maximum throughput.

  • Dimensions: 32'L x 32'W x 22'H
  • Product Category: Carnival Rides
  • Requirements: 3 x 20amp Dedicated Circuits

Price:  Call

Available Items :  1


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