Double Mechanical Bull – Rodeo Ride Off

Looking for a unique one of kind ride? Look no further!

We are the only rental company in Texas offering a DOUBLE MECHANICAL BULL – RIDE OFF!

Our Mechanical Bulls are premium models. The Bulls are made out of a very safe, durable, and innovative material called Sofolex Soft Foam Safety Head .   This along with many of our other safety features makes them the best and the safest bulls you can ride.  The inflatable landing pads also have side walls to keep riders from rolling out. 

*This unit requires an extra wide opening to fit through (gate, fence, door, etc). Must be a minimum width opening of 54″. 

  • Dimensions: 20'L x 40'W x 9'H
  • Product Category: interactive
  • Requirements: 3 x 20amp Dedicated Circuits

Price:  Call

Available Items :  1


Our bulls are very realistic, both the HEAD and body of the Bulls are totally covered in real Cowhide!

Each one of the automatic rodeo bulls is linked to a LED digital timeclock; giving each rider the ability to see their personal current time achieved. Our Double Mechanical Bull ride also has an additional LED clock showing “Best Time of the Day”, making competitions easier and making trade shows, corporate events, parties, and fundraisers much more fun, because everyone can see the time to beat.

Riders can pick from six pre-set automatic programmed levels from Green Horn all the way to Cowboy. Or let one of our certified and experienced Trained Operators take the manual control joystick and create a custom ride, with 10 different manual speeds allowing for endless combinations of bucks and spins! Such versatility allows for a wide range of ages and ability to ride safely.

Safety is paramount, with our unique Automatic Stop Sensor as soon as a rider falls off their bull stops instantly. And the other rider continues riding until they fall off. The winner can then take on the next challenger; or two new competitors can mount up!

The Double Mechanical Bull Ride Off is perfect for those wild western themed company parties, fundraisers, graduations, carnivals and much more. Our Dual Ride Mechanical Bull ride is completely themed from the realistic inflatable corral to the themed control console (designed to look like an old wooden crate). The Bulls even have LED flashing red eyes!

Each Inflatable Bull Riding Corral is a large 16′ x 16′.
They have no tall back so spectators have an amazing 360 view of all the fun, no matter where you are standing!

You will need a ceiling height of 9′ feet if doing indoors.
Requires 20’ x 40’ foot print for set up.

With the ONLY one in Texas, you won’t find a more unique DOUBLE Mechanical Bull Ride rental in the Dallas area for your next party or event!

Want to give your guest a total authentic rodeo experience?
Add on our Western Theme Package!

Western Signage “Cowboy Up!” and “Bull Riders Wanted”,
Wooden Fence,
Rodeo Banner,
2 Hay Bales,
Whiskey Barrel,
Rodeo Music,
Lasso Ropes,
Cowboy Hats,
Rodeo Saddle Blanket

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