Artificial Snow

We have several different options for artificial snow to create the perfect winter scene for your event.

Instant Snow: When you want realistic snow on the ground that lasts a long time.

Our Instant Snow is simply the most realistic and highest quality artificial snow you can buy. You can create play areas, photo areas, and use instant snow for small and large events where kids and adults will play in the snow for hours, or days.
You can create artificial snow decorations by just adding water; it mixes itself in a few seconds. This is the quality fake snow people have been waiting for to have snow themed events that are realistic, creative and endless fun. At any temperature, you can play in our fake snow on the ground and make snow angels, snow decorations, etc. without getting cold or wet as the water is trapped inside the snow.
Instant Snow is as slippery as real snow so you should always “shovel” a walking path if needed. For events where you need dry, walkable snow we also have shredded plastic flakes as used in store windows, indoor snow dances, etc.

White Plastic Shredded Snowflakes: for an easy Indoor event, trade show or decoration for your event.
White plastic fake snowflakes are perfect for any kind of snow decoration at any time and are easy to use.

You can also add a FALLING SNOW EFFECT to your event with our Amazing Snowing Snowman, so you will have a complete Winter Wonderland of ground and falling snow.

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