36″ Prize Wheel 12-24 Slots

Spin and Win! The 12 Slot 31″Diameter Prize Wheel will bring fun to any even! Use it a tradeshow and draw and create excitement among any crowd. It draws people at the office, a tradeshow, a store, an annual meeting, an on-location radio broadcast, a wedding or any other event.

You can fit this fun game into any space! The 12-Slot Tabletop Black Clicker is also lightweight and can be easily transported in our Prize Wheel Travel Case!

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The NEW 12 to 24 Slot Adaptable Prize Wheel is an absolute crowd pleaser! This game wheel attracts a crowd for any office meeting, tradeshow, annual sales meeting, on-location radio broadcast, wedding, carnival, fundraiser, or outdoor event. The prize wheel is especially designed to allow party planners to create event fun and creativity that is unique to their event setting. No assembly required!

This Prize Wheel allows you to select any number of prize cards between 12 and 24. Prize wheels are typically made up of a number of slots containing various prizes and awards. Winning offerings on a spinning wheel could be a combination of various products, gift vouchers, or special discount coupons. With any combination of prize slots from 12 to 24 on this particular prize wheel, playing the spin the wheel brings fun, excitement and unpredictability to meetings and events. With every prize wheel having the ability to customize the prize slots, the prize wheel is a great investment too that can be used over and over again.

Spin the Wheel In Any Space!
Regardless of how much space you anticipate to have in your meeting room or event location, you can be sire that this prize wheel will fit in that area well. The unique design of the spinning wheel’s tripod legs is that they are expandable. If you would like to use this table top prize wheel as a floor stand, extension legs are available.

Travel With Your Game Wheel!
For event coordinators, event facilitators and event planner who must travel to multiple destinations throughout the year, this “Spin the Wheel” game is easily transported. The prize wheel is light weight and has a custom designed prize wheel travel case, which features recessed foam lining to snuggly protect the prize wheel during travel. The Prize Wheel is a must-have accessory for on-the-go corporate planners.

* 12 award slots change to 24 without any tools needed!

* Plastic clicker builds anticipation & draws spectators over.

* Blank game display allows for complete customization!

* Spinning wheel is simple to use & set up.

* Compatible with this Carrying Case

This game wheel keeps crowds entertained at office meetings, trade show presentations, retail promotions and fundraisers. The gaming display features a 12-slot design, giving users freedom to custom design each section! This game wheel differs from other prize wheels because of its changeable design. The gaming fixture has a total of 24 notches, therefore allowing users to switch from a 12 to a 24-slot display in seconds. Designing each slot is easy with the provided templates. This game wheel, also known as a wheel of fortune, includes a nylon plastic clicker to create a loud and excitement-boosting sound. Passersby will hear the distinctive noise and will be drawn over to a presentation out of curiosity and enthusiasm, with the hope to win the fortune desired.

The game wheel has a tripod stand, with rubber feet, to keep a display in place even when the most excited participants play. Simply position a spinning display on a table or counter to have your activity at eye-level. This game wheel, or wheel of fortune, is constructed from ABS and PETG plastic, making the fixture light enough to carry yet strong to withstand frequent usage. Additionally, the tabletop gaming fixture weighs only 11 pounds, making trips to and from events incredibly easy. This prize wheel will add an element of entertainment to any presentation or gathering, ultimately helping to improve sales and success.

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